Notes: They Shall All Sit Under Their Own Vines and Fig Tree

In a 1787 issue of the New York Journal, a reference to the above title can be found, alluding to the idea of the oppressed of other nations having a place to go for refuge.

The phrase “They shall all sit under their own vines and fig tree” is also notably found in a well-known letter that George Washington wrote to a congregation in Rhode Island. In the letter, Washington proclaimed, “May all who dwell in this land continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other inhabitants – while everyone shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid”.

In the ensuing years, American Colonists heeded Washington’s words and began planting their own vines and fig trees in their new land. Throughout the years, the grapevine plantings have expanded throughout America, and the wines produced from them are now of world-class recognition.

Our vineyards are now approaching a half-Century after planting (1968), and the roots of these vines have now descended to some thirty feet below the surface of the hills of Carmel Valley, seeking the water levels under our vineyards. Stressing these vines to do so, happily results in outstanding fruit of quality and flavor.

Beautiful wines, beautifully made, are not only a delight to the soul, but also the palate and as an accompaniment to daily dining. Carefully nurtured and treated during their growing process, HELLER ESTATE WINES reflect the care to which the vines have been given. The resulting wines are now recognized as among the best in California, and HELLER ESTATE continues to garner laudits and praise attesting to this as follows:-

CACHAGUA CABERNET SAUVIGNON: Gold Medal – California State Fair, 2015

MERLOT: Quarterly Review of Wines -“Best of Best” and “Outstanding”, 2014

CHENIN BLANC: “One of the best American CheninBlancs I’ve had” – New York Times

CHARDONNAY: “In the Top 5 Chardonnays” – Wall Street Journal

For the wine enthusiast, we offer some of the most outstanding wines made in America today – HELLER ESTATE ORGANICALLY GROWN WINES.


The Hellers