Month: April 2015

Winter 2015

Happy 2015 from the winery and vineyards!

We have great hopes for the vintage and truly wish all of our wine club members and their families a safe and prosperous year.

We will begin setting the stage for our vintage in a few weeks when we start to prune our organic vines deep within the Cachagua Valley.  Pruning the vines while they are dormant allows us to control how much fruit each vine will produce and is the first step in a long growing season. Read more…

Notes: A Vineyard Success Story

Twenty years ago, we planted French prune (plum) trees around the perimeter of our vineyards. These trees play host to predatory wasps, which attack the eggs of the undesirable insects in the vineyards. Hence, it eliminates the need to apply harmful herbicides and pesticides. These beneficial wasps help support our organic vineyard program.

In addition, at the end of the harvest, a compost of grape skins, seeds and stems are spread throughout the vineyardplum labels. This creates a home to vineyard spiders, which aid in controlling unwanted insects. This maintains an eco-balance in our organic vineyard.

The grapes produced from this organic program are CERTIFIED by a USDA certifier and the corresponding certificate is issued; all of the grapes used to produce our wines are grown on our vineyard only. We do not source fruit from other vineyards.

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