And the Vines Grow Deeper!

FullSizeRender3When this vineyard was planted in the late 1960’s on the loamy sandy soil, we had hoped for extraordinary fruit from the conditions we have – and we got it!  The grapes planted at HELLER ESTATE ORGANIC VINEYARDS have resulted in outstanding quality and, perhaps, the best in the region – producing some outstanding wines, which have recently received laudits from California state wine competitions and the press throughout the world.

As you know, our vineyards are dry-farmed on loamy sandy soil, the vines reaching down some thirty feet, where they seek the water levels needed.  The results have been extraordinary!  To add to the continuity of this wonderful situation we have, there is now an additional factor to make these great wines by the joining to our staff of our new wine-maker, Margot Federkiel, whose talents continue to produce outstanding wines.

As you know, all of our grapes are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY GROWN by a USDA certifier.

We are most fortunate to have the talents of Margot to continue the quality we are seeking and the quality we are producing.

A toast to the best!


The Hellers