HELLER ESTATE ORGANICALLY GROWN WINES are delighting palates throughout the world.  The symbol of our production – inspired by a twenty foot high bronze sculpture created by Toby Heller, overlooking the vineyards, of the now renowned dancing vineyard couple – has become a symbol of outstanding quality wines, receiving praises and kudos from wine-lovers throughout the world.

Planted and dry-farmed on the rich, sandy loamy soils of our mountain vineyards at about 1,500 feet above sea-level, we continue to produce what are, perhaps, the most exciting, extraordinary quality wines in California.  The grapes seem to extract special flavors to make the wine, and wine-lovers throughout America are now enjoying the results.

While they are not, as yet, known and priced as the long-standing “super-wines” of Bordeaux, they can certainly be classed in the same category.

To demonstrate, in 1997, we produced our HELLER ESTATE SIGNATURE RELEASE CABERNET SAUVIGNON, which was reviewed in the press on its release as the “New Cult Wine of America”, as follows:-

“…there are other Cabernet cult contenders as well … top nomination going to Heller Estate in Monterey’s Carmel Valley appellation.  Heller is an organically-farmed mountain vineyard.  The Signature Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 is a massive wine huge forward fruit but a balanced and silky finish.”

At that time, we laid down some of this wine in our reserve stocks for future tasting and evaluation and, after again recently tasting some of them, they continue to ascend to the quality described above.

There are some limited stocks available for connoisseurs and collectors of this vintage, the quality of which continues to grow in grandeur after twenty years in the bottle, and we are offering some limited quantities to our clients who, we are sure, will be incredibly pleased in drinking this wine.  Should you be interested in an exceptional wine, we suggest you try some of these, which are bottled in magnums (two standard 750ml bottles) and three liters (equivalent to four standard 750ml bottles) while they are still available.

We wish you an outstanding tasting experience in taking advantage of this offer.  We are offering an exceptional delight to your palate of a long-lasting memory of our Signature Release production 1997.


The Hellers